Dr. Awa Kane, MD

October 3, 2022

Country: Senegal

Professional Background: Pediatrician at the Albert Royer Children’s Hospital.

I am a senior resident in the unit for the care of HIV-infected children.

I did an internship in 2021 in a reference center in Immunology and Pediatric Hematology in Paris. My areas of interest are care and research in immunology and pediatric hematology.

I know how to listen to my colleagues and I have a team spirit, while having the ability to make decisions when necessary. Joining the UNIVERSAL program is an opportunity to gain new experience that will benefit the children we follow in Senegal.

Award: CIPHER growing leaders of tomorrow Fellowship

Project: Clinical Pharmacology safety, acceptability of a new DRV/r 120/20 mg solid fixed dose combination for young children with HIV infection

Expected IMPACT of my project: Universal 2 trial allow access to previously unavailable treatment and the possibility of including this treatment in the national HIV care program

Area of Interests: The other fields of research that interest me besides the universal project are infectious diseases, especially in HIV-infected children and in patients with primary immune deficiencies, but also research on sickle cell disease.