UNIVERSAL Clinical Trial Management Training

Training recordings

The clinical trials management training focuses on improving the capacity of research staff and young investigators to design, implement, and manage regulatory clinical trials, especially paediatric clinical trials. This will be a 7-module course that will be delivered every 2 weeks from 14th June 2023 to 13th Dec 2023.

The course program is available here and registration to upcoming modules can be done here.  


Module 1: Introduction and overview of clinical research

Module 2: The main stages of a clinical study

Module 3: Contracts and budgets

Module 4: Managing Research Logistics (IMP, Samples, Data)

Module 5: Safety Reporting, Clinical trial Committee and Boards

Module 6: Introduction to Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic studies

Module 7: Introduction to regulatory processes and requirements to support regulatory filing to FDA

Introduction a la recherche clinique

Les grandes erapes d’une ètude clinique

Contenu d’un protocole: De L’idée clinico scientifico a l’ecriture

Le circuit du mèdicament dans un essai clinique